MINT ● What for Whom?

What for Whom?

The target group of MINT consists primarily of medical and paramedical professionals and scientists. The composition of a target group varies between courses.

MINT organizes high quality courses about clinical topics not yet covered by others, but for which the target group addresses a clear demand.

The interest for nutritional therapy and modulation of metabolism is growing among the (para)medical profession, patients and the media. This is related to important developments in the scientific field:

  • New insights in the cause and the treatment of chronic diseases shifting from the primary medical problem only to a more holistic approach.
  • A new view on nutrients, especially with respect to bioactivity.
  • Intergartion of nutritional science and medicine.
  • More attention for an integrated approach of chronic disease management.

MINT activities are organized by a combination of prominent scientists and (para)medical opinion leaders from the target group.

The residential courses are target group specific and based on the Problem Based Learning model. The duration varies from 2 to 3 days. Workshops, modules and symposia are problem oriented. Central in the MINT formula stands an excellent worked-out case presentations, in which the basic problem is optimally expressed. This problem is further dealt with by means of discussion sessions, self-study, short 'state of the arts' by prominent professors, practicals and role-playing.