NUTRIM First Chronic Disease Update

NUTRIM First Chronic Disease Update

Translational research is an important corner stone for NUTRIM. It is therefore important for basic scientists and physicians to meet and discuss scientific problems and relevant questions that they encounter. To facilitate this discussion, NUTRIM introduces a new annual thematic meeting: the chronic disease updates. The theme of our first meeting is: Personalized medicine or one size fits all?

'Personalized medicine' is one of the 25 research themes of the National Science Agenda (NWA). The NWA is an inspiration for everyone who is interested in science! Almost 12,000 questions that were posed by the Dutch population were summarized in 140 cluster questions. With the help of experts from knowledge institutions, social organizations and the business community, these questions were then elaborated in 25 researchable themes, including personalized medicine. For more information on the NWA, please visit their (dutch) website.

Date:   Tuesday 3rd July 2018
Groene zaal, Universiteitssingel 50, Maastricht
Time: 15.00h – 17.30h

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