Brief overview program and hands on workshops

Young investigators
We aim to strengthen the skills and knowledge of young scientists involved in research related to the pathophysiological mechanisms of NASH and its systemic complications. Young students and scientists (Master, PhD students and post-doctoral research fellows) are encouraged to submit an abstract. The best abstracts will be selected for oral or poster presentations and will automatically compete for EFLC awards. In the different conference topics we have created room for 15 minutes abstract presentations to give the opportunity to present innovative research to facilitate discussions.

Focus conference scientific program
We will focus on basic mechanisms related to steatosis, inflammation, fibrosis and carcinogenesis and translational clinical aspects including drug therapy and nutritional interventions as can be seen in more detail on the program page of the website.

Practical workshop on NAFLD diagnosis
Due to too few registrations, the workshop has been canceled.

International NASH day
On June 10th the international NASH day will be topic of the conference too. We give the floor to patients, organizations, policy makers and the food industry to discuss the impact of NAFLD/NASH on economical, societal, healthcare and wellbeing. It is a way to create a dialog between patients, physicians, researchers and politicians on this important healthcare issue.