EFLC Program


Brief overview Programme 3rd European Fatty Liver Conference

Wednesday June 8th
17.00-19.00 Session 1:
  How to diagnose NAFLD/NASH today.

Thursday June 9th
08.30-10.30 Session 2:
  Metabolic regulation and insulin resistance in NAFLD
11.00-13.00 Session 3:
  Inflammation and immune mechanisms in NAFLD
14.30-16.30 Session 4:
  Inter-organ crosstalk in NAFLD/HASH
17.00-18.30 Session 5:
  Complications of NASH
19.00-23:00 Network event with dinner (not included, registration is required)

Friday 10th June
08.30-11.45 Session 6:
  When and how should NAFLD/NASH be treated?
13.00-16.00 NAFLD/NASH awareness
16.00-16.30 Sum up and awards for best presentation and posters
16.30 > Closing conference

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