Programme at a Glance
Programme at a Glance

During the meeting scientific insights will be discussed regarding:

  • breath analysis in relation to disease diagnosis, health assessment and medical monitoring
  • phenotyping patients via comprehensive breath analysis, metabolomics and profiling approaches
  • endogenous formation of volatile metabolites via studying cellular and bacterial in vitro systems
  • quality assurance and control relevant to every aspect of breath research from the initial study design, sampling and analysis to data processing and statistical interpretation
  • latest developments in mass-spectrometry-based instrumentations as well as sensor technologies and their applications

During the meeting there will be ample opportunities for:

  • identifying collaborators and teaming up for research proposals
  • interacting with industry
  • young investigators to present their results and interact with senior researchers
  • identifying new research areas to incorporate in your breath research

The scientific program will start with plenary sessions followed by parallel sessions covering contemporary topics of general interest as stated above. Poster presentations will be included at the end of the first day in an informal atmosphere, including drinks and finger-foods, to stimulate discussions and interactions between attendees. The posters will be displayed during the whole meeting in the same rooms where lunches are served. Poster prizes will be awarded based on the quality of the research, the clarity of the poster, and the quality of the pitch given by the presenter. These prizes are sponsored by Journal of Breath Research (IOP publishing). A jury will judge and rank posters according above mentioned criteria.