About Breath Summit 2018
About Breath Summit 2018

The scope of breath research is quite broad and we are happy to consider any subject that is in some way related to making breath measurements. In the past, we have had successful papers submitted during the IABR meetings on the following topics:

  • In vitro gas phase analysis (bacterial cells, infections, pathogens); Inflammation, hypoxia and pulmonary edema biomarkers; Electronic nose; Nitric oxide; EBC (ultrafine particles, pH, asthma
  • Central laboratory instrumentation: state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation for high-resolution discovery and targeted breath research
  • Engineering solutions: developing new breath sampling technologies for VOCs, breath condensate and aerosols
  • Human and animal in vivo studies: decoding the “breath exposome”, implementing exposure and intervention studies, performing cross-sectional and case-control clinical research
  • Cellular and molecular level in vitro studies: developing breath sampling and analytical approaches to link broad in vivo observations with focused in vitro level experiments; focusing on the human microbiome, exhaled aerosols, messenger proteins, and infectious diseases
  • Clinical, pharmacological and forensic applications: describe new breath-based clinical and medical diagnostics, evaluate metabolic pathways of drugs and chemicals in commerce and develop point of care devices
  • Mathematical, statistical and graphical data interpretation: developing methods for interpreting and explaining complex data using graphics visualization, statistics, and pattern recognition
  • Standardized practices for breath sampling and analysis: cross-validation and benchmarking to establish routines for breath biomarker analysis

    Note that this is not an exclusive list; we are always interested in novel approaches for breath-related research. Please be creative and try to build bridges between disciplines!