Abstract Submission
Abstract Submission

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the reviewing committee of which you will be notified in the first week of April. Based on the decision of this committee, abstracts will be presented during the conference either in the oral sessions or in the poster session walking tour. Accepted abstracts will be bundled in an electronic abstract booklet and published on this website. Cancelations because of non-acceptance of the submitted abstract will be refunded 100% with one week.

Abstract submission is closed.

Only DNSG2019 registrants can submit an abstract. If you haven't registered yet please register online first, it only takes a few minutes.

To submit an abstract simply download the Abstract Form (FDF file) and first save it on your computer (do not edit it in your browser)! Only use Adobe Acrobat reader to open and complete the form (download it for free below). Please complete ALL fields as indicated. You can save as PDF form at any time to continue later (again using the Adobe reader). If all fields are completed please rename the file with your registration number, for example 101055.pdf . If you will be submitting more than one abstract please add A, B, etc to the filename, for example 101055A.pdf and 101055B.pdf. Then submit the abstract(s) by e-mail to f.defauwes@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Please specify maximally 2 of the following keywords on the abstract form: Macronutrients, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, Diabetes, Cardiometabolic Health, Microbiome, Circadian Rhythm, Brain, Fruit Sources, Non-Caloric Sweeteners, Personalized Nutrition.