EFLC 2018
Dear scientists and clinicians,

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the 2nd European Fatty Liver Conference (2nd EFLC 2018), which will take place from February 28 till March 2, 2018 in Maastricht area, the Netherlands.

As the incidence of NAFLD is rapidly growing, accompanied by overweight and obesity, the need for understanding the pathophysiology is urgent. Based on the concept of our 1st EFLC, the 2nd EFLC 2018 will offer bidirectional crosstalk between basic and clinical research on NASH and its systemic complications. Our mission is to bring together researchers in the field of obesity, diabetes, cardiometabolics and cancer, and to stimulate their involvement in brainstorms and discussions in both plenary and workshop sessions, to come up with solutions, and to create new ideas regarding future directions for international grants, making this congress unique, lively and attractive to join.

Starting from clinical questions, we will explore possible answers that basic research can provide. Vice versa, basic research questions will be addressed and translated to human situations.  We will invite general practitioners in order to learn to understand the difficulties in finding those patients at risk of developing complicated NASH. Also, we will invite patientsí forums to understand the difficulties that patients are confronted with regarding possible lifestyle changes needed to treat NASH.

Feel free to spread the word to your colleagues interested in NASH research and invite them to join the 2nd EFLC 2018!

Best regards, the organizing committee