EFLC Accommodation

Accommodation       Gift: 2 = 1 hotel nights

We offer accommodation at the venue site. We kindly refer you to the online registration form to indicate if you will need accommodation (single room: 133,50 p.p. / shared room: 83,50 p.p.; prices incl. breakfast/city tax). We will make all arrangements for you.

Note 1: If there are no more rooms available at the venue, you will be accommodated in a hotel in Aachen (t.b.d.), at about 15 minutes driving distance from Bilderberg Kasteel Vaalsbroek. You will be assigned on a first come first served basis. We will take care of transport to and from the venue, and we will inform you a.s.a.p. in case you are assigned to a hotel in Aachen. There are also 30 double rooms at Vaalsbroek.

Note 2: In case extra accommodation is requested (e.g. on 27/02/2018 and/or 02/03/2018), you can contact the venue to make your reservation(s) for this/these respective date(s). These extra costs will not be covered by the organizing committee of the 2nd EFLC 2018.

Shuttle Service is arranged:

  • 28/02 between 09.00-12.00 hours from bus station Vaals to Bilderberg Kasteel Vaaslbroek
  • 02/03 at 14.30 hours from Bilderberg Kasteel Vaalsbroek to bus station Vaals.

Please feel free to make use of this service (book with online registration).